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Our company, which aims to make a difference in the international transportation sector, was established to provide the most suitable transportation service on the international trade scene.

With our innovative identity and automation system, we are at your service 24/7

Own fleet

International FTL and LTL services are provided by Erka Trans while having customers all around Europe, our operations are managed in Poland. With its 41 new self-owned vehicles and a fleet network that develops day by day, it provides total and partial transportation services for import / export of textile, automotive, electronic goods, industrial, construction, energy and cosmetic products to its customers.

Information security

It is very important to protect the information and share it with the right people in the computer age. In this context, our company uses top level software to keep information security at maximum level and protect its systems.

24/7 satellite tracking

Our company has a state-of-the-art tracking system in the whole fleet and all movements are recorded instantaneously.

We also share our satellite tracking service with our customers so that they receive instant information through their smart phones or from the internet about the locations of their shipments.

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